Goya Premieres Comida Caliente

    Goya Premieres Comida Caliente

    Stay tuned to YouTube: Goya is premiering a new reality tv-style food show, Comida Caliente.

    The show, premiering October 1 and airing exclusively on YouTube, features a Mexican family in the kitchen: Dene, the matriarch and her three daughters, Danielle, Stefani, and Dianna. For the next eight weeks, every Tuesday, tune in as Dene and her daughters cook up classic Mexican dishes while sharing their lives, their adventures, and a few embarrassing stories.

    “We are a very relatable family and each week, you will get to peak into our lives and see the bond that lies between us,” said Stefani.

    So whip up some flautas and settle in as you meet: Danielle, the eldest, with a family of her own and a pro in the kitchen; Stefani, the middle child, busy establishing a music career (and the show’s executive producer); and Dianna, the baby sister, looking for love. Watch as Dene dishes out cooking advice (and dating advice) with sass and a sense of humor.

    Can’t wait until the season premiere? Catch a glimpse of what’s in store here.

    The show premieres Tuesday, October 1. Watch here

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